During my 40 years of practice, I have handled  almost every type of case in the State and Federal system from catastrophic personal injuries, brain injuries, wrongful deaths, property damage, landslides, breach of contract, slander, nuisance, insurance coverage, antitrust, white collar crime, trademark and a myriad of other claims that arise from business transactions, vehicle accidents, construction site mishaps, defective products, environmental contamination and other conditions that give rise to lawsuits. However, the last 25 years of my practice was heavily focused on construction related litigation. My representation included not only the largest commercial and residential real estate developers and general contractors in the state, but also every type of subcontractor in the trades.

Over this past quarter of a century I participated in a thousand Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures which provided me the opportunity to analyze a myriad of different processes that can be used to assist parties in helping them resolve complex litigated matters. These actions include every type of claim, damage and issue involved in the arena of construction litigation and real estate law. I have also graduated from several Law School Mediation and Complex Litigation courses. In addition I have received Judicial Training where, among other topics, the issues of representing the Court's interests and successfully interfacing with the Court were analyzed. Since closing my Law Firm in 2014 to start RIddle ADR I have been appointed Mediator and/or Special Master by the courts and have successfully worked with Plaintiff's Counsel, Defense Counsel and the Courts.  I am an active member of the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section.  In addition to my law degree, I also have an MBA and real world business experience. 

My legal and educational experience has reinforced my belief in the need for proactive communication and active listening to identify alternative processes that support the implementation of sound business principles and procedures to control complex litigation and produce creative, constructive solutions which will economically and effectively address the issues raised in the litigation and work towards the successful resolution of the matter. Through this experience, and additional training, I believe that I have the background, insight, creativity and dedication to assist in resolving your construction and real estate related cases in a reasoned, conscientious and economical process. If these goals are consistent with your reasonable expectations, I would look forward to working with you to that end. 

Should you find the opportunity to retain my services, I would welcome the chance to work with you to secure a constructive solution to your clients' claim. My billing rate is $400 per hour with no administrative or cancellation fees. If you have any questions, please contact me at any time.